About Aircell® Refrigeration Display Cabinets

How it Works

Aircell® is a unique and patented air flow management system, designed for open front refrigerated multi deck cabinets.

The technology may be incorporated within new cabinets, retrofitted to existing cabinets or fitted as part of a refurbishment. Aircell® divides the merchandising envelope into separate cells between shelves. The smaller cells have a shorter air column and independent management of air movement, resulting in less pressure on the air curtain of each cell and a substantial reduction in cold air spillage.

  • Shorter air column for greater integrity of the air curtain.
  • Reduced cold air spillage from the cabinet.
  • Less warm air infiltration into the case.
  • Improved energy efficiency.
  • Elimination of back panel flow, promoting temperature stability and product loading flexibility.

The Smart Alternative to Glass Doors

Whilst some retailers and equipment manufacturers have employed glass doors on open front multi deck refrigerated display cases as a means of making energy savings, it has become increasingly apparent that glass doors are not necessarily the solution for all grocery retailing environments. The frequent opening of doors in high traffic areas, especially in convenience retailing outlets, severely compromises the efficiency of doors as an energy saving solution.

There is also evidence to suggest that glass doors act as a barrier to shopping and particularly impulse purchases. In today’s competitive grocery retailing environment, it is impractical to introduce barriers, which may compromise sales. In addition, there is the capital cost of fitting glass doors, together with ongoing maintenance and cleaning costs, which bring into further doubt the viability of the glass door option.

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