Aircell® Prolonging the Quality of Perishable Food

The majority of refrigeration equipment manufacturers and grocery retailers accept an operating temperature range of -1°C to +7°C (M2) as safe and suitable for the display of chilled pre-prepared food, sandwiches, convenience meals, dairy and snacks. Perishables stored above this temperature are liable to bacterial proliferation, whilst product displayed at a lower temperature may be subject to ice crystal formation.

Independent tests, carried out under BS EN ISO 23953, demonstrated that Aircell® delivers a 40% narrower temperature range and more accurate holding temperatures. Under laboratory conditions, over a twenty four hour test period, a display cabinet modified with the Aircell® system exhibited a temperature fluctuation of just 3.1°C, whilst the conventional case had a 9.5°C variation.

The narrower temperature range displayed by the Aircell® cabinet maintains the quality and appearance of chilled food over longer periods, compared with conventional open front refrigerated multi deck cases. This translates to a more enjoyable product for the customer and less merchandise price discounted or thrown away due to deterioration in quality or appearance.

  • Maintaining food at optimum quality
  • Prolonging the acceptable appearance of perishable food
  • Reducing the volume of food thrown away due to product deterioration
  • Limiting the amount of food cost discounted due to unacceptable appearance
  • Delivering a more enjoyable product for the customer

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